Teachers! Schedule your Field Trips! Gorman Heritage Farm offers creative, hands-on, interdisciplinary field trips that correlate with Ohio State Standards. Participants will enjoy grinding corn, feeding chickens, tasting from the garden and petting farm animals. Younger students' experience will be sensory based, while older students' experience will expand to include such topics as basic needs, soil/food production and local Ohio history. Classroom studies can be integrated into your field trip to build on students’ knowledge and understanding.
Teachers! Schedule your Field Trips!
Naturally Delicious Meats Why buy from the grocery when you can buy from Gorman? Naturally delicious meats including chicken, turkey, beef and pork. Pasture raised, without the use of hormones, steroids or antibiotics, from pasture to plate. Chicken and pork are currently available in our freezer!
Naturally Delicious Meats