The Gorman Heritage Farm Harness Club

Jim and George are a young but enthusiastic mule team. They pull a custom built oak passenger wagon equipped with a ramp to accommodate wheelchair users of all ages.

Mules - Memorial DayThe Gorman Heritage Farm Harness Club is a group of volunteers dedicated to the care, training and public appearances of Jim and George, the farm’s mule team. In addition to regular participation in farm events, the club appears in local parades and events and serves the Greater Cincinnati community by making regular visits to hospitals, camps and other facilities caring for disabled or underprivileged children.

If you become a regular Harness Club volunteer, we will teach you how to drive our miniature horses and mules and their carts.  Contact Claire Long at for more information.

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Jim and George Need you!

The Harness Club is an all volunteer operation. We always need of volunteers (especially during the week) at the farm or for events. No special experience is necessary. At events you can help folks in/out of the wagon, control access for petting the mules, educate folks about mules, decorate the wagon for parades, tow the wagon to events (if you have a pick-up). On the farm you can help maintain the equipment, help with care and feeding of the mules, help with mule related projects around the farm (barn maintenance, fence and gate repair, etc.

The calendar is filling! We need your help to maintain a fun and safe environment for people to interact with the team.