Raised with care and concern from pasture to plate.

We believe in the humane treatment of livestock. This means that all of our animals are raised without the use of artificial hormones and additives and they receive plenty of outdoor space, fresh air, clean water and healthy food. We skip the larger packing houses and take the animals to custom processors who respect them the same way we do. It’s more expensive, but it’s the right thing to do.

Seasonally raised, our turkeys are free range and spend their days grazing on fresh grasses and foraging for nuts, seeds, berries, insects, and other small critters. Order yours early as well sell out every year.
The Farm raises a small number of beef cattle each year to sell in shares. These cows are pasture raised on the Farm’s lush green grasses with diets supplemented by ground corn and soybeans as necessary.
A staple of our farm production, Gorman Heritage Farm roasting chickens are always in great demand. Chicken is available monthly April through October. Order ahead to ensure availability.
At Gorman Heritage Farm, we raise pork through the spring and summer for processing in fall. This year we are selling the pork as half or whole hog shares. Order now!
Free Range Eggs
Gorman Heritage Farm sells fresh eggs about as fast as our hens can lay them! You'll love the variety of colors, as our eggs come from a varied flock of hens. The hens are raised cage-free, with no growth hormones, steroids or excessive antibiotics.