Trosset Wildflower Sanctuary Grand Opening

April 30 1-4pm Visit the newest garden at the Farm, learn about native wildflowers and meet the family responsible for more than 40 years of wildflower cultivation and data collection on wildflowers and climate.

April 30, 2017 1-4pm

The Trosset garden was salvaged from the former Trosset residence in Evendale. The Trosset Family spent over 40 years cultivating, caring for and studying the wildflowers. An amazing data set exists that is being used to discuss the effects of climate change on flora. The Trosset family will be speaking at the Grand Opening as well as planting ceremonial flowers. Dedications to their parents, Ruth and Stan, will be made at the event. Shrubs, trees, benches, ferns and wildflowers are available to the public to commemorate special events and memorialize loved ones. Who do you want to

Please join us for this free, fun, and educational event.