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Kentucky's Land of Arches. Millennium Edition. by RH Ruchhoft.

Kentucky's Land of the Arches. New Millennium Edition.This is the updated version of the original trail guide for the Red Rover Gorge, written by R.H. Ruchhoft and originally published in 1976. Scroll to the bottom and click Pay Now to purchase.

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Gorman Heritage Farm's Executive Director Tricia had the privilege of meeting Mr. Ruchhoft on his 91st birthday in the summer of 2015. Upon learning she is from Kentucky, he told her of his "claim to fame", that he had written a "little book" about the Gorge. Tricia told him of her weathered and well worn copy, purchased in 1986 at a gas station the Gorge. He then casually mentioned that he had written an updated version, the New Millennium Edition. He had started rehiking all of the trails to do the update when he was 73. Tricia immediately looked it up online and couldn't find it anywhere to purchase. She asked Mr. Ruchhoft if the guide could be sold in the Gorman Heritage Farm Shop. After some convincing, he agreed. This is the ONLY place the guide is available.

Pictured below is Tricia with her old and new copies of the Guide. We hope you will enjoy the new version as much as Tricia is!
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