At Gorman Heritage Farm, we raise pork through the spring and summer for processing in fall. This year we are selling the pork as half or whole hog shares. Order now!

Our Yorkshire/Hereford cross pigs are pasture raised and rotated frequently to accommodate their messy, muddy lifestyle. They forage on fresh grasses, nuts, bugs, and other small critters while also receiving supplementary grain (grown on the Farm) as necessary. Our pigs are given plenty of space to run and play and lots of mud to roll around in. You won’t find happier (or more delicious) pigs anywhere!

    • Price is $4.00 per pound, live weight. Processing cost is included in this price.
    • Average live weight of a whole hog is approximately 250 lbs
    • Approximately 60 lbs. of pork in your freezer for a half hog order; approximately 120 lbs. for a whole hog order
    • You get to choose how your meat is cut
    • A $200 non-refundable deposit required for whole hog order; $100 deposit for half hog
    • Deposits will be deducted from the total cost
    • Balance is due in full at the time of pick-up

Processing date will be in September 2017.

Please select a share size.