Savor the Season: Farm to Fork Demonstrations, Gorman Heritage Farm

Kristen is a graduate at The Midwest Culinary Institute. She also has a background in Theater Arts where she developed a great interest in working with people to grow and learn. She manages the Event room, giving the people of Avondale a place to host gatherings and enjoy one another. Kristen focuses her abilities on food education with a community based approach. Shrinking the gap between finding locally grown food and forming those ingredients into a nutritional meal is what she strives to accomplish. Kristen also emphasizes ways to reconnect a community to their food history heritage. She believes utilizing cooking as a healing and stress free tool allows us the ability to smile more.

Kristen’s role at Gabriel’s Place is to run educational cooking classes, geared toward expanding knowledge on utilizing fresh foods that result in inexpensive and nutritionally full meals. She can be reached at

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