Annual Report

The mission of Gorman Heritage Farm is to promote the Gorman values of self-reliance, stewardship and service; to celebrate, through food and events, the culture and community of southwest Ohio; and to educate and inspire in equal measure the public, especially children, as to the importance of agriculture, nutrition, sustainability, and the environment in Building Healthy Futures.


Focus on Education
Focus on Farming & Livestock
Focus on Engagement & Community
Focus on Leadership
Focus on the Future


Focus on Education

5,341 children, families and adults participated in hands-on, fun educational programming at Gorman Heritage Farm in 2016.

  • 3,668 students participated in field trips to the Farm learning about where their food comes from, Ohio history and the importance of farming.
  • 48 children participated in our preschool literacy story hours, providing education and entertainment with a focus on farming.
  • 898 people enjoyed educational guided tours of the Farm.
  • 329 children had fun learning in our Summer and School’s Out Camps.
  • 246 adults and children participated in our gardening, cooking and other interactive classes.
  • 152 Scouts utilized the Farm for various activities and educational tours.  
  • 3 Eagle Scout projects were completed on the Farm in 2016, bringing total Eagle projects on the Farm to 87. 

Focus on Farming & Livestock

In 2016, we used much of our row crops to produce our own animal feed and bedding. The rest was sold on the open market. Proper crop and pasture rotation, and cover crops are being used to rebuild and replenish the soil on the Farm.  The Market Garden grew 6,176 pounds of food that was sold through our 40 share CSA, Farm Shop and an online retailer to households and restaurants, the Ohio Valley Food Connection. More than 150 families benefitted from the CSA, rental gardens and cutting garden.  

The Farms’ livestock population includes sheep, goats, chickens, rabbits, a dwarf horse, a miniature donkey, a horse, 2 mules, cows, pigs, turkeys and a farm cat.  In 2016,  525 chickens, 82 turkeys, 5 pigs, 3 cows were processed and sold to folks who love delicious, locally and ethically raised meats. Thousands of eggs and many many gallons of honey were also sold. All proceeds from these sales support the Farm and our educational programs.


Focus on Engagement & Community

We are eternally thankful to the Village of Evendale for their support, giving $300,000 annually in support of the Farm. Our generous donors gave $29,325.89, including 100% giving from our Board of Directors. A 33.5% increase in donations in the last 2 years lets us know that so many support the educational mission of the Farm and believe in the good things that are happening here. Thank you for your support!

Our newly revamped comprehensive Corporate Partnership Opportunities program brought in $49,951 to support the Farm.  We are so thankful for businesses who see the importance of giving back to the community. Platinum Sponsor – Evendale TriHealth. Silver Sponsors – Hamilton County Ohio Farm Bureau, ShareFax Evandale, KDM Pop Solutions Group. Copper Sponsors – Flynn & Co CPA, Dempsey Siders Insurance Agency, Evendale Chamber of Commerce, Evolution Creative Services. We welcome additional Corporate Partners to show their support of Building Healthy Futures and supporting the community!

Grant funding totaled $32,200 in 2016, a 168% increase over 2015. We are working diligently to establish relationships with grant making organizations to increase the possibility of future funding. Our 2016 Row by Row Dinner treated 183 guests to a great time and raised $21,495.13 in support of the Farm’s educational mission. The 2017 Row by Row Dinner will be held on August 26th. The 2016 Sunflower Festival had a record 6,238 people in attendance, with revenues of  $58,664. We expect the 2017 Festival to be even larger and are working on a number of improvements. The  2017 dates are October 7 & 8.  Did you know you can host your personal or corporate events at the Farm? $17,036.50 in 2016 revenues from rentals helped support Farm operations. 

Paid admission to the Farm increase 39% over 2015 with an additional $2,600 in revenues. 250 individuals and families enjoyed free admission through Memberships to the Farm. Become a member today! 

Volunteers are the heart and soul of Gorman Heritage Farm. In 2016, 1,491 amazing people gave 18,191 hours of their time and talent. This has a value of $401,298.98 to the Farm! Want to volunteer with us? Individuals, families, civic and corporate groups love their time at the Farm! 

Gorman’s Harness Club serve as great ambassadors for the Farm. In 2016, the mule team made 11 visits to DDS Centers in 4 Ohio counties and 6 visits to community events sponsored by Young’s Funeral Home. These events give the public the opportunity to be up close and personal with these gentle giants.  The mule team also participated in 6 parades: Red’s Opening Day, Red Bricks and Roses, Blue Ash’s Memorial Day ,Montgomery’s Independence Day and two Lebanon Holiday Parades. They also took part in Touch a Truck, Evendale’s Fun in the Sun and Halloween Fest, and the Woodlawn Halloween Fest. Our miniature horses also participated in the Memorial Day Parade and Evendale’s Fun in the Sun. The mule team also provided carriage rides for a wedding and a birthday party as well as during the Sunflower Festival.

Focus on Leadership

2016 Staff

Tricia Watts – Executive Director

Sarah Siegrist – Director of Development

Jenny Funk Daughetee – Education Manager

Katie Murtaugh – Program & IT Manager

Evan Brothers – Program & IT Manager

Teresa Bowen – Office Manager

Barb Liphardt – Garden Manager

Krystal Gallagher – Gardener, Educator

Cathy Lovell – Seasonal Gardener  

Claire Long – Volunteer Manager

Linda Rosselot – Livestock Manager

Alyssa Atkinson – Livestock Assistant

Nicole Gunderman – Educator

Sharon Bailey  – Educator

Dionne McCaskill-Alston – Educator, Chef

Rick Huneck – Farmer

John Shumard – Mr. Fix It


2016 Board Of Directors

Linda Feucht

Anna Fishman

Jeff Geeding – Secretary

Kelvin Hanger- Vice President

Ron Ott

Chris Patterson – President

Stephanie Richardson

Al Schutte

Marcia Siebenburgen

Stiney Vonderhaar

Susan Wilkinson

Rob Wight

Larry Zalants – Treasurer


Focus on the Future

April 30th will be the Grand Opening of the Trosset Wildflower Sanctuary. The Trosset garden was salvaged from the former Trosset residence on Glendale-Milford Road. The Trosset Family spent over 40 years cultivating, caring for and studying the wildflowers. An amazing data set exists that is being used to discuss the effects of climate change on flora. The Trosset family will be speaking at the Grand Opening as well as planting ceremonial flowers. Dedications to their parents, Ruth and Stan will be made at the event. Shrubs, trees, stones and benches are available to the public to commemorate special events and memorialize loved ones.

We’re excited to host  a “Homecoming” on July 24th. We will invite friends and family of the Gorman’s as well as current and former staff, volunteers, board members, donors, members, Village elected officials and community members. The event will be free and open to the public with tours of the Farm and special speakers and presentations. 

Some of the challenges we face going forward include: building additional indoor space to allow our educational programs to grow; the maintenance and upkeep of historic buildings including the farmhouse, bank barn and upper and the springhouse as well as proper maintenance and possible expansion of our trail system. Our current strategic planning places priority on the educational building including planning for a capital campaign to fund construction.


2016 Revenues



2016 Expenses


Click here to view Gorman Heritage Farm’s 2015 990.



Enjoy these letters from children after their school field trips to the Farm.